About ND Focus

In 2007 Elia introduced Networking Days (NDs), our trademark event, to bring together members and friends for personal and business development, open exchange, networking and more and held its 20th edition – ND Brussels – in October 2016.

ND Focus was created as part of our strategy to strengthen Elia’s commitment to ensuring that our events are highly relevant to the needs of the industry. Conceived as a series to address the unique challenges facing different groups within language service companies, at all management levels, our aim is to:

  • Provide a dedicated forum and targeted focus aimed at a specific audience
  • Openly discuss business challenges and issues
  • Share real-life experiences

The first event of the series, ND Focus – Elia’s networking days for Executives, is targeted to senior language service company Executives. Future ND Focus events will be aimed at other essential roles in the language industry.

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About Elia

The European Language Industry Association, Elia, is the premier trade association for the European language services industry embracing 200+ members throughout Europe and beyond.

Elia is committed to fostering the business development of its members, providing a forum for exchange and networking opportunities, and promoting the concept of ethics and quality standards throughout the industry.


→ To find out more about Elia and its initiatives, please go to elia-association.org