ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management / 1-2 December 2016 / Barcelona, Spain

Welcome to ND Focus
Elia’s focus on Project Management

1-2 December 2016 / Barcelona, Spain

ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management is the language industry’s first event dedicated to developing and enhancing the vital skills that every language service company needs to manage and deliver projects successfully and create a competitive edge.
Join us in Barcelona where we will address the key skills needed for this essential industry function through:
  • Targeted sessions addressing project management issues
  • Focused content delivered by established experts
  • Interactive sessions with a clear scope to explore industry challenges
  • Direct exchange of experience and insights
  • Peer-to-peer networking to develop and strengthen working relationships

Thank you to everybody who joined us in Barcelona for the only event
dedicated to language industry project management!

Who should attend?

This event is for project and production managers and those who are serious about providing superlative project management.
Whether you are new to project management, have extensive experience, are considering a career move or simply want to improve your skill set, ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management will reveal the strategies, best practice and essential tips so you can deliver results.

The benefits of attending

For you

  • Build and refine your project management skills so you can work smarter
  • Gain actionable insights that you can implement immediately
  • Reflect on the latest industry thinking and trends
  • Network with peers who face similar challenges

For your company

  • Boost your company’s reputation by exceeding client expectations
  • Enhance vital relationships with those involved in bringing projects to life
  • Increase your internal capacity through effective project management
  • Develop strong leadership skills in your team providing more opportunities to succeed

“This is the first event of its kind to be totally focused on project management. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed by anyone involved in such a fundamental role for our industry.

Project Managers are the engine that runs production departments and no agency can work without them. They are constantly under pressure and expected to perform at the highest standards in many areas such as (constant) price negotiations, meeting (impossible) deadlines, be the expert on (all) the tools available in the market and know how to deal with all stakeholders and often in the most difficult circumstances. This event is giving them a voice and a spotlight where they can meet their peers face-to-face, ask questions and most of all learn from each other. Communication will be the key word of this event!”

Cristiana Luppi
Production Manager
Crestec Europe


“I feel that the constantly and rapidly developing arena of language technology options also has a great impact on the day-to-day operations of Project Managers. Their work is becoming more and more a mixture of organization, linguistics and IT, bringing new challenges and for some maybe requiring a different skill set. I feel privileged to be able to contribute to this Elia event and advise current and future PMs on how to deal with these challenges in their daily work.”

Eveline Van Sandick
CEO and Founder

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