ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management / 7-8 December 2017



Our agenda for Prague is designed to create the maximum impact on your skills, approach and mindset over two days.

On Day One you’ll hear expert presentations on essential project management topics and on Day Two you’ll consolidate these new perspectives into new ways of working to take back to the office.

For the second edition, we will dive deeply into three key topics to enable stellar project management within your company:

Keynote: Industry trends

Hélène Pielmeier
Director of Industry Providers Service, Common Sense Advisory

What is the size of the translation and localisation industry? What trends can we identify? What are their implications? How will neural machine translation and machine learning affect the language services industry? How will mergers and acquisitions change the market?

We will address these and other questions in our keynote session about language industry trends to help you gain important business insights. Stay tuned!

Working under pressure

Joanne O’Malley
Professional Trainer / Speaker and Mindfulness Facilitator, Mindfulness at Work

  • How do you manage the overload?
  • Organising and prioritising: how to decide the first things first
  • Multitasking and how to juggle more than one ball effectively
  • How to delegate with confidence

Managing expectations

Martiño Prada Díaz
Localization Manager, GoPro

  • How to handle feedback and conflicts
  • Communication and the art of being assertive
  • How to handle urgent requests
  • Does size matter? How to manage huge projects

Operational excellence

Leen Temmerman
Vendor Manager, Attached – language services

Thijs Senten
Language Technology Manager, Attached – language services

  • How to improve workflows
  • Techniques to reduce costs 
  • Calculating capacity and resource management
  • The difference between direct and indirect clients

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