ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management / 13-14 September 2018

The Handbook

Call for Articles

We thank those of you who submitted an article for the third edition of The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs. The Handbook will be distributed to attendees of the upcoming ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management event (Porto, 13-14 September 2018).

The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs



The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs Volume III

And this is the cover of the 3rd edition!

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Previous editions of The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs were distributed to attendees as a surprise ‘souvenir’ for attending the two ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management events that took place in Barcelona (December 2016) and Prague (December 2017). The handbook, which features articles from project managers, independent language professionals, industry consultants as well as end clients, has proven useful in helping attendees to adapt their project management processes and consolidate new skills.


The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs Volume II

We are happy to share with you its cover and authors:

Section: Listening to the Project Managers’ voice
Robin Sung (1StopAsia, USA), Martina Ljubičić (Ciklopea, Croatia), Dina Kessaniotou (Commit Global, Greece), Marta Milewska (Contrad, Poland), Caroline Lasnier (K International, United Kingdom), Dena Angevin (Language Creations, Poland), Madhu Sundaramurthy (Mayflower, India), Catriona Burns (Sandberg Translation Partners, United Kingdom), Daniel Prontera (SwissGlobal Language Services, Switzerland), Marie-Sophie Petit (Technicis, France), Rachel Barakat (Welocalize, USA)

Section: The end clients’ perspective
Bruno Herman (The Nielsen Company, USA), Gregor Kneitz (Facebook, USA)

Section: The consultant view
Andrew Lawless (Rockant, Ireland)

Section: Project Managers and Freelance Translators working together
Carlos la Orden Tovar (Independent Language Professional, InsideLoc, Italy), Rui Sousa (Professional Translator and Project Manager, Portugal), Roberta Tabolacci (Freelance Translator and Linguistic Consultant, RT Translations, Italy)


What people have had to say about the first edition of The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs

“I have read all the articles published by my colleagues with genuine interest and have learnt very useful tips from each article. Thanks to them I have enhanced my skills in relationships with clients and providers and in handling projects. It is also reassuring to learn that we all encounter similar troubles; it is a nice reminder that we are all human!”

Sara Di Nisio, Translation Project Manager, K International

“I was thrilled to see my article published in The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs! I got to share some industry tips with colleagues and received some pretty flattering comments. Also, the articles from the linguist’s and the client’s point of view showed me a different and interesting perspective. Looking forward to the second edition of the handbook with tips and tricks from even more industry colleagues. Remember, sharing is caring!”

Effie Salourou, Customer Operations, Commit