A tailor-made offer for every customer — how does that work?

Beautiful curves in Powerpoint — or better show nothing at all?

Ready-to-wear clothing or haute couture — what kind of marketing person are you?

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ND Focus on Sales & Marketing 2017

Geneva, 6-7 July 2017

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The industry’s first event dedicated to sales and marketing skills, to expand your customer base and boost your profits.

Elia’s ND Focus on Sales & Marketing 2017 brings Sales Managers and those involved in Sales & Marketing together to discuss, share, network and learn from each other.
The conference will deal with all aspects of the role of a Sales & Marketing Manager, the related tasks and strategies, as well as best practice and precious tips, real-life examples and role-playing.

This event is targeted to developing and enhancing the skills of sales & marketing managers or essential industry roles and is offered to Elia members and nonmembers.

Core themes

The client – the alien being

Different aspects that help to better understand and convince the potential client. Psychology, the art of listening, the different client-side stakeholders, buyer personas and others…

Your company in the spotlight

Present the right thing in the right light, what is your niche and what does your body language say during your presentation, how important is the price in the end and how do you set your prices?

Marketing instruments

Do you need a marketing plan and what instruments are suitable for the size of your company? When is content king and when is it personal relationships? What role can social media play?