ND Focus – Elia's focus on Sales & Marketing / 6-7 July 2017 / Geneva, Switzerland

Speakers & Moderators

Meet our Speakers & Moderators


Keynote Speaker

Bruno Herrmann

Globalization Director
The Nielsen Company

As Globalization Leader based in Brussels (Belgium), Bruno Herrmann is currently leading digital content operations globally at The Nielsen Company, focusing on design, development, localization, certification and delivery as well as on immersive customer experiences. He joined Nielsen in 2003 to manage international content and digital marketing programs in EMEA prior to leading digital content deployment globally. Previously, he managed online globalization and localization programs at HP and content management initiatives in addition to Web localization at Compaq. Prior to joining Compaq, he worked in the marketing communication and localization industries, taking part in major international projects for high-profile technology clients. He has more than two decades of experience in the globalization of content, products and services.


Workshop 1 | Need sensing

Dr. Jan Helge Guba

Assistant Professor and Sales Researcher
Ruhr-University of Bochum

Dr. Jan Helge Guba is Assistant Professor and Sales Researcher in the Sales & Marketing Department of the Ruhr-University of Bochum. Furthermore, he is CEO of the German Institute for Sales Research (Deutsches Institut für Vertriebsforschung). His main research topics comprise personal selling and negotiation techniques, as well as general sales management issues such as performance measurement and salesforce incentives. Besides his research, Helge has conducted several consulting projects in different industries. He was born and still lives in the Ruhr area in Germany. In 2016 he was awarded the German Science Award of the DMV (Deutscher Marketing Verband) for his doctoral thesis.

Workshop 2 | Pricing innovation

Samantha Brown

Sales Director
K International

Samantha Brown is the Sales Director of UK-based language services provider K International. She has an international background, formally educated in South Africa, the USA and the UK, studying Business and Economics. She has over 16 years of business development experience, 10 of which are within the localisation industry at senior management level, working alongside the Board of Directors to develop and execute short and long-term business strategic plans.

She consults with large corporates on how to open up new revenue streams through translation, streamlining processes, cutting down lead-times and improving their overall presence in global markets.


Richard Brooks

Owner and CEO
K International

Richard Brooks is the owner and CEO of UK-based language service provider K International. He holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and is also a Board Member for the Association of Language Companies.

He is an experienced professional in the localisation industry, much respected for his business insight and acumen. He has become a renowned and popular international conference and event speaker – his open, passionate and honest style, combined with his dry sense of humour, keeps his audiences thoroughly engaged in his chosen topic.

He has many recommendations from his clients who consider him to be not only a truly professional and inspirational business leader, but a person who is as equally at home and interesting in the boardroom as he is in the coffee-break room.

Workshop 3 | Navigating sales and negotiations

Andreas Förster

Albert und Förster Unternehmerberatung

Andreas is an adventurer, entrepreneur and trainer. As CEO of Albert und Förster Unternehmerberatung, he consults and trains DAX companies to start-ups. He also runs his own start-ups in Berlin.

Over the years Andreas has specialised in helping start-ups and mid-range companies with solutions for sales and leadership: “Dynamism, agility and a positive growth mindset are more present in smaller than in bigger companies. So it’s often simply more fun working with them.”

In his trainings, Andreas uses a practical, lively and interactive approach so the audience is always involved. His main goal is that you, as a participant, can walk away at the end of any training experience with real and concrete practical solutions that help you get better results immediately. His holistic sales system helps you so that results and success become a natural outcome of your and your team’s activities.

Presentation 1 | Sell it your way

Andrew Lawless

Coach and Consultant

Andrew Lawless is a best-selling author, performance coach, localization educator and consultant. He is razor-sharply focused on inspiring and priming localization professionals for success. As the only Kolbe certified consultant in Ireland and Germany, he uses a time-proven and scientifically verified approach to boost team performance. Andrew helps you uncover your strengths and hidden talents, so that working together will be easier and more productive than ever before. He is adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, where he co-lectures a Masters of Professional Services (MPS) class on localization project management.

Andrew launched Lawless Guides, an online learning platform that provides self-paced training courses for localizers, such as Customer Engagement, Automating Localization Project Management and Digital Marketing for Localizers and Translators. He presented his successes with improving global marketing teams to the US White House and testified in the US Senate on the importance of professional development in localization to the US economy.

Presentation 2 | Social media marketing

Alessandra Salimbene

Charismatica Ltd.

Helping companies build effective digital strategies.
Born in 1975, entrepreneur at 20, mum at 34, Alessandra Salimbene developed her first website in 1997 without any help, using Notepad. Since then, her life has been online.

Alessandra works in marketing (mainly digital) and communication (mainly for companies). The social media era convinced her that people are always the most important factor in success.

As a retail marketing expert and digital marketing consultant, she helps companies achieve success through new media (web, social networks, messaging) by planning apps, strategic plans and content to engage the right targets and create communities.

As a public speaker and trainer, Alessandra has worked for major Italian and international companies and for big events such as SMAU and MIDO.