ND Vienna / 4-5 October 2018 / Vienna, Austria

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

If you or your business has a story that the rest of the language industry needs to hear, ND Vienna is the perfect place to share it.

You have until 14 May 2018 to send in a brief outline of your presentation and the Committee will let you know by 13 June 2018 if your proposal has been successful. Please ensure that your presentation will fill a 70-minute session including Q&A.

The scope is broad – simply tell us how your presentation could help a language service company to maximise its business growth. The Programme Committee is particularly interested to hear your case studies, knowledge or insights on the following topics:


Our industry is heavily dependent on IT systems, requiring 24/7 availability of hardware, software and everything in between. Language service companies often struggle to achieve interoperability between the various models for their IT infrastructure (in-house systems and personnel, outsourcing, cloud-based solutions or a combination of all) and among their workflow tools (productivity, CAT, TMS, etc.). Proposals for this track should include solutions, case studies, and best practices that help companies improve their IT infrastructure and interoperability, thereby saving time and money. Please note: this track is not intended to include topics about MT technology.


After four years of preparation and debate, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was finally approved by the EU Parliament in April 2016. After the 25 May 2018 enforcement date, organisations that fail to comply may face heavy fines. What does this mean for language service companies? Our companies handle large amounts of data, both on the client and on the vendor side, including personal, bank and financial information. How is that data affected by GDPR? How can companies cope with the new regulation? Proposals should address the above issues and suggest solutions within the framework of existing workflows (TMS, ISO standards) or new tools that tackle the issue. See https://www.eugdpr.org/ for details.

#BusinessSuccess Stories

Personal stories are as powerful a tool in business as they are in our off-duty lives. By telling your business success story, you’ll not only motivate others to consider new possibilities, you’ll raise your profile as an industry leader. Whatever challenge you’ve overcome – whether it was about processes, innovation, organisation, cooperation or any other area related to our business – your fellow language industry professionals need to hear your story. Success isn’t easy to come by, after all.


Terminology is a vital part of the translation process. Without clear and organised terminology, we end up with unclear and confused translations. We’re looking for proposals from terminology experts to submit proposals on this important topic, and there are multiple issues you could address. For instance, what challenges do language service companies face when maintaining terminology for multiple projects and languages? How do you keep up with a fast-changing world of technology and innovation? Which tools do you use? Does your company employ terminologists? If so, what are their competencies and main tasks? And what are the advantages if you provide terminology management to your clients?

Soft Skills

Leadership development is currently a hot topic for language service company owners. Industry roles are changing and so, too, are the skills required to succeed in them, particularly in sales and project management. PMs will need to be more commercially aware and take increasing responsibility for finding solutions for customers that go beyond simply managing projects. Sales people will need to be experts in the customer’s industry, especially for end client sales. As the impact of automation is felt by everyone, We’re looking for proposals that address the need for continuous upskilling.


The current discussion on sales strategy for language service companies takes in a number of challenges and opportunities. These include maximising revenue from existing accounts, migrating from serving MLVs to end customers, moving into new verticals or other markets, increasing visibility with potential customers, and what to do if there’s no budget to hire a sales person. How should companies deal with this? There is no single strategy or magic bullet, instead we’re looking for proposals with guidance on how to reach revenue goals.


The need for quality interpreting services is growing in many business sectors and the rapidly-developing technology enables language service companies to offer many different kinds of interpreting: from onsite interpreting to phone interpreting to remote interpreting via video. Whether you’re an experienced interpreting provider or a newcomer, there are plenty of issues for us to discuss on the service itself and the technology in particular. What challenges do newcomers to the interpreting sector face? What are the latest trends in interpreting technologies? How can language service companies decide whether to offer interpreting services in their portfolio? What do we need to know about investing in interpreting technology? We look forward to reading your proposal on any of these subjects and more.


Do you have another idea that will provide a clear benefit to attendees? If so we want to hear from you! 

Information for speakers

The deadline to submit your proposal via the online form is 14 May 2018. The Committee will consider all submissions and will confirm if your proposal is accepted by 13 June 2018.

As a speaker at ND Vienna, you would receive industry-wide recognition as well as free registration to our flagship forum for language service companies. Don’t worry if you are new to Elia events – just be sure to have a good idea that you are willing to share with attendees. Though the ability to hold a room is essential.

Before submitting your proposal, please ensure you have sufficient funding to cover all of your costs as Elia does not cover travel, accommodation, subsistence or costs to attend social activities.

Need some inspiration? You could share…

  • A case study from your business or local market
  • Business insights and concepts you feel are important
  • Future trends or developments that you’ve spotted
  • Successful strategies from our sector or even outside
  • Expertise and research that you have developed or curated
  • Ideas and innovation!

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your expertise with a grateful audience of your industry peers. And with free registration to the entire two-day programme, you’re sure to learn something too.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your proposals!

Gordana Antonijević
Elia Director