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Strategies to cope with game localisation problems

23 Feb 2018

Strategies to cope with game localisation problems

In game localization, translators and language service providers need to deal with different issues: context, terminology, cultural effects and visual translation. The types and frequencies of these issues differ from language to language. Language families, writing directions and fonts influence the difficulty of the localization process, reflected by issues such as character corruption and length, screen limitation and so on.

Testing plays a key role in game localization to cope with these issues. Without testing or playing the game, any simple word may be very tricky for localization and, in turn, game play experience. How can “short” word be tricky in localization? The answer is hidden in testing, and solutions are generally global for any language.

As a freelance localizator, I will explain my experiences in Turkish game localization projects and how to solve or prevent these issues in future projects.