Together | 22-23 February 2018 | Athens, Greece

You think you have a USP? Think again!

23 Feb 2018

You think you have a USP? Think again!

Specialization is the key to success! This mantra may apply to all industries, but it especially rings true for the translation and localization industry where, more than ever, specialization means being on top and staying there. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that there is a growing shortage of verifiably qualified experts who can cover specializations that are in demand and growing in significance. One main reason for this seems to be that a lot of translators simply stop thinking beyond language pair, CAT tool and subject area as their specialty!

Highly individualized client requirements create a high demand for skilled translation and localization partners who provide fitting solutions and can adapt to these new needs. Moreover, steady technological advancements constantly produce new trend areas. Examples such as transcreation and SEO are just the tip of the iceberg.

This presentation aims to provide an insight into the variety of specializations that are in high demand, give a heads-up of what’s yet to come, and answer questions about how these specializations can give you not only a truly unique USP but also access to a vast number of projects and how significant further training is in this context.