Together | 21-22 February 2019 | Barcelona, Spain

Remote interpretation – One more step to the future

22 Feb 2019

Remote interpretation – One more step to the future

Interpretation is the vital part of big international events. If everything going on smoothly nobody cares about it but if something going on incorrectly everybody mentioned it. How to avoid any inconvenience for end-users? How to control interpreters? How to provide them the best possible work conditions? How to organise the clear sound? How to relocate interpreters from one event to another for one minute? How to avoid their accommodations and long flights? The last but not the least question is how to pay them good enough and at the same time reduce costs for the end-clients? During the organisation of interpretation services you have a number of “How” questions.
Fortunately IT technology helps to find a solution. From now on we have a powerful solution for the Remote Interpretation. During our presentation we will provide the detailed overview of this solution from five sides:

• Client side – how it looks like and what is the profit from this solution;
• Supplier side – how to organise it and support? Tips & Tricks;
• Interpreter side – how to start your day in one part of the world and finish in another;
• End-user side – get the interpretation without any interpreters onsite
• Speaker side – are you sure that my speech was interpret to your language and you understood me correctly?

Based on the number of International events we will show you the efficiency of this solution from economic and organisational sides.